The undersigned (“You”) hereby retains Novotny & Company (“Company”) to represent You for matters relating to the reduction of the property taxes of the listed property (“Property”).

Company will receive a contingent fee of 50% of any and all property tax savings for current year and any recovered tax overpayments from previous years. Property tax savings is defined and calculated as the difference between the Noticed Value and the Final Value multiplied by the latest known tax rate, and/or any tax reduction attributable to obtaining a missing exemption. TAX SAVINGS AND FEE CALCULATIONS FOR PRIOR, CURRENT AND FUTURE YEARS ARE CALCULATED WITHOUT REGARD TO AGRICULTURAL EXEMPTIONS, TIMBER EXEMPTIONS, WILDLIFE EXEMPTIONS. A Capped Account (“Capped Account”) is when Your property’s initial market value is greater than its initial appraised value. If You have a Capped Account, You shall pay Company annually the greater of the Contingent Fee or $2 for every $1,000 reduction of the initial market value. The settlement procedure and amount of settlement are the sole discretion of the Company. Savings are calculated on latest known tax rates.

Payment of invoices shall be due upon receipt at the Company’s offices, 9219 Katy Freeway, Suite #257, Houston, Texas 77024. After thirty (30) days, any outstanding balances bear interest of 1.5% per month, and may include the cost of collection and attorney’s fees, if any. Company is authorized and shall have the right to record a lien against any non-exempt real property for any delinquent unpaid balance. Any action arising from this Agreement shall be brought in Harris County, Texas. In the event that You breach this contract by failing to timely send a written cancellation or otherwise preventing the Company from performing the above described property tax reduction services, You agree to compensate the Company for its lost profits. If You have an outstanding balance or You do not provide requested information, the Company may withdraw from this Agreement without notice. In the event the Property is sold within the current protest year, the full amount is due regardless of the date of sale.

This Agreement is irrevocable for 2022 and will remain in effect under the same conditions year after year until cancelled by written notice from You to the Company via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested sent no later than March 30 of any subsequent year. This Agreement contains the entire agreement and representations of the parties to this Agreement and no representation or promise not set forth here shall effect the obligations of either party.


The Company is hereby authorized but not obligated to execute Notices of Protest & Appointment of Agent Form 1.111-R, present protests before an Appraisal Review Board, negotiate and resolve disputed tax matters included correction of any errors, check and file for missing exemptions of any kind, request refunds for previous years(s) tax over-payments(s) resulting for any reason, and/or negotiate a property tax valuation (assessed value) and/or amount of property taxes through any other applicable procedure. Any refunds will be applied for through the County Appraisal District. Company has discretion to file protests, various applications, and act only if it believes a tax reduction is feasible and You provide documentation. You must provide copies of all pertinent documents and applications received from appraisal district regarding the property. All warranties are disclaimed and Company’s liability for any error, omission, action, inaction, statement or representation is limited to the amount of fees actually paid under this contract for the year(s) in dispute. When context requires, singular nouns and pronouns include the plural.

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