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Reasons to Protest

You’ve probably found that every year your property taxes just continue to increase! By protesting with Novotny & Company, you can save yourself time and money with the assurance of over two decades of experience behind you. Novotny & Company’s agents use neighborhood sales analysis and appraisal comparisons to argue your case so that your appraisal is fair and equal.

Our Expertise

Novotny & Company has been in business since 1987 and has been growing ever since. As one of the largest property tax consulting companies in Houston, we’ve developed a name for ourselves as experienced, prepared, and fair. Our employees are properly trained and are extremely familiar with the appraisal districts in which we represent our clients. With Novotny & Company, you can rest knowing that your property is in knowledgeable and well-reputed hands.

Case Studies

Often times property owners do not realize that their property taxes are based upon incorrect information that their county might have.

An example of this might be that they are taxed on an inaccurate square footage which is larger than the actual house. When blueprints are provided, Novotny & Company can have these matters corrected for you at the hearing, but we won’t stop there. We’ll work hard and compare sales and appraisals to make sure that your new appraisal is fair.

Some clients have often also found that their property is valued at higher than their neighbors due to an unequal appraisal due to being assessed at a higher grade or CDU (condition/desirability/utilities) level. Novotny will argue your appraisal so that you are fairly taxed and that your appraisal is equal with those around you.


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